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Jia Yu chun - Testimonials

Everytime I visit Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face and Body Spa, I feel like I’m home. The spa gives me a strong sense of comfort and belonging. I guess this is the most important factor of all. With a sense tof satisfaction, only then one will be able to enjoy his or her treatment happily. Jia Yu Face and Body Spa’s treatments have got to be the best I’ve tried so far! I specially love their facials as it helps to keep my skin in glow and healthy!

Hui Zhuang

I got to know Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face & Body Spa through my sister as she patronage the salon. Back then I can't believe that I've been with Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face & Body Spa since April 2010. And it was a preparation for my wedding in October that year. My beautician had advised me accordingly and use all her efforts to make me look beautiful an always till present. With the tremendous hard work from my beautician, I think I may not be able to achieve my pretty face now. All sorts of products purchase from Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face & Body Spa had provided me a lot of beauty on my face. 

There might be times breakout, but I told myself no worries cos Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face & Body Spa will definitely achieve my goal of putting my pimples away. 


Having great experience in Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face & Body Spa!  My face has become smoother and looking more radiant after the facial treatment. The staff are friendly and professional. Highly recommended!



在这里我要感谢佳雨村美容师的两个心: 细心及关心。在做护理时她很细心地关注到每一个环节; 护理后还打电话关心皮肤的状况。谢谢你!

I have sensitive skin and ever since I have facial treatment at jia yu chun beauty therapist, my skin condition had improved. My skin looks healthier and brighter now. I would like to thank jia yu chun beauty therapist with all my heart for the excellent services. You always so careful and giving best attention to each treatment. Thank you! 


The difference when I am at Jia Yu Chun Holistic Face & Body Spa, in comparison to the rest I have gone to, is the genuine care I receive for each and every treatment. I feel that my needs are carefully attended to and the therapists demonstrate true concern for my well-being. The fact that I can relax and the steadfast belief that I am I good hands, enable me to enjoy each and every session here.

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